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I’m Dr. Ballou, and

I’m a psychiatrist, consultant, writer and speaker.

I help companies by applying clinical psychiatry outside the healthcare system

As a psychiatrist, I help patients in a hospital setting. I see them in the emergency room, on the worst day of their lives. ​I use myself as a tool, creating a channel that strips away everything but what is absolutely essential.

I read the subtle clues that are invisible to others, using "night vision" to see what's happening under the surface.


What if these insights could be applied to the world more broadly?

What if you could see the world like I do?

Emotions are more powerful than logic. 


It’s actually humans all the way down.

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I'm a longtime speaker and presenter about mental health. I've been a recurring guest on places like CTV's The Social - speaking about mental health. 

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Appearances and writing

My Writing

I write about the science of reading faces and the impact it has on all of us. 

You can see a sample of some of my writing here.
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